Life Insurance For Mums.

Life Insurance For Mums.

We're experts at helping Mum's find cover! Get a fast no obligation quote & protect your family. From £6 per month*.

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    Protection for my family
    Level term life insurance offers your loved ones a fixed cash lump sum payout in case you pass away before your policy end. This lump sum can serve various purposes, including:
    • Paying off a mortgage
    • Covering education expenses
    • Providing financial support to your dependents
    Paying off a mortgage
    In contrast, mortgage protection insurance doesn't provide a fixed lump sum. Instead, the payout amount decreases over time as your debts decrease and your financial circumstances evolve. This type of insurance is commonly used to safeguard specific debts like a mortgage. For instance, as your mortgage balance diminishes with time, the insurance amount required to cover it in the event of your passing also decreases.

    Should your financial situation or payment commitments change, you may need to make adjustments to your insurance coverage in coordination with your provider.

    Insurers require this information to offer an accurate price, but don't worry, you can still receive a quote even if you answer "yes."

    To calculate the right cover amount, consider your outstanding financial commitments like your mortgage and the needs of your dependents, such as their education and ongoing care, while also maintaining your family's lifestyle. Use our cover calculator to work out how much cover you may need.

    When choosing the length of cover, it's worth thinking about when your outstanding debts such as your mortgage will be paid off. Or if you have children, you may decide you want your cover to last until your children are able to support themselves.

    Insurance providers use your age as a factor to determine the cost of your insurance. Generally, the older you are, the higher the expected cost, as older individuals are often seen as a higher insurance risk.
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